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As an epitome of trust and stable systems with more than 99% uptime, the Fleet Management Solutions company always strives to excel with world class technology and expertise and aspires to bring the largest network of state of the art hardware, software and support service.

Cargo & Logistics Fleet Management

The Cargo & Logistics industry faces daily challenges of keeping their drivers safe and shipments secure.

G-Trac offers fleet management solutions specifically targeting the Cargo & Logistics industry. With our comprehensive, web based reporting and route planning, you can save on your fleet’s operating costs.

G-Trac helps Cargo, Freight, Logistics & Courier companies by reducing vehicle fleet cost by monitoring valuable information like speed, irregular use of vehicle, harsh braking and wear & tear of the vehicle.

Fleet Maintenance is so important for this industry towards increasing the vehicle life. Logistics companies can also reduce their overhead cost by eliminating under-utilized vehicle and by replacing unreliable drivers with more efficient drivers.

G-Trac’s fleet management capabilities in the Cargo & Logistics industry are proven to provide competitive advantage for organizations that operate in remote and rugged regions of the world.

Solution Offerings:

• Real time tracking of time sensitive deliveries

• Monitor events like idle time, harsh braking & much more

• Vehicle violation alarms

• Accurate dispatch information using Mobile Data Terminal

• On the fly task allocation using Mobile Data Terminal

• Construction of route plans

• Identify and overcome logistical inefficiencies

• Panic button to alert the fleet manager during emergencies

• Real time notification alerts through email and SMS

• Replace unreliable drivers with more efficient drivers

• Manage fleet maintenance schedules efficiently

• Intelligent reports on fleet utilization and much more

• Delivery of goods at the right time