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G-Trac for Construction Equipments

Most construction equipment is expensive and is generally left out in the open at construction sites making it vulnerable to damages and thefts.

Knowing where the equipment is, in real time, allows you to effectively manage it in the most profitable manner.

G-Trac tracking device keeps you informed about you construction equipment and operators location and usage.

It also provides you with the ability to maintain better control of your construction equipments so they can be tasked in the most effective manner.

G-Trac tracking solution is specifically designed for the construction industry and enables the tracking of powered and unpowered equipments.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do with G-trac Solution:

• Know where the equipment is in real-time (information & visibility)

• Track & monitor a wide variety of equipment metrics such as idling, ignition, external temperature, etc.

• Set alarm for various parameters such as operator speed, idle time, and location violations

• Enforce work-zones and set email and/ or text alerts when the equipment moves out of a pre-defined work zone(geo-fencing)

• Build accuracy & transparency in billing as the exact hours of operation can be monitored

• Improve equipment safety

• Deter theft; in case of theft make recovery easy by identifying the location of the equipment

• Sweat your assets by scheduling and allocating tasks according to priority and availability

• Proactively extend the life of equipment by scheduling automated maintenance activities

• May lead to reduced insurance premiums

• Better cost control as fuel usage and operator timings can be monitored and billed accordingly

• Check unauthorized movement and usage during off hours

• Improve equipment and operator productivity by effective job routing thereby improving operational efficiency.

• Improve equipment and worksite compliance

Smart Dashboard

The G-Trac Smart Dashboard puts you in complete control of your construction equipments. It provides real-time insights on the equipment’s location, movement and usage. You can also view and generate customized reports, set and modify alerts, schedule maintenance and allocate task depending on the equipment usage report. By tracking & monitoring your construction equipment & machinery you are able to not only better manage the assets but also improve efficiency and productivity.

G-Trac Smart Dashboard can be accessed from internet-enable device, anywhere, anytime by logging into our dedicated online portal with your ID and password

G-Trac Tracking Solution works on a variety of construction equipments & vehicles such as:

• Earth moving equipments

• Concrete Mixers

• Excavators

• Hydraulic Trucks

• Mobile Cranes

• Trolleys

• Wheel Barrows

• Generators

• Forklifts

• Directional Drillers

• Trenchers