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As an epitome of trust and stable systems with more than 99% uptime, the Fleet Management Solutions company always strives to excel with world class technology and expertise and aspires to bring the largest network of state of the art hardware, software and support service.

G-Trac for Corporate Fleets

G-Trac provides comprehensive solution for corporate fleet management. Corporate companies need to track their fleets, maintain fleet management activities and also monitor the real-time vehicle locality.

Its features enable the organization to visualize the vehicle routes on a digital map, easily perform driver identification/management and receive alarm on emergency cases.

G-Trac’s corporate fleet management solution implementation will help corporate organizations to reduce cost, increase productivity and preplan & manage fleets maintenance regularly.

Real time data monitoring on parameters such as speed violations, average speed, engine on / off time, vehicle idling, vehicle mileage, number of stops etc extend vehicle performance.

Solution Offerings:

• Efficient Fleet management assists in controlling fuel expenses

• Corporate fleet managers can securely store the reports and retrieve them when required

• Monitor driver behavior and track vehicle status via dashboard

• Create & manage driver profiles & schedules

• Receive alerts from fleets in emergency case

• Track vehicles anytime, anywhere using a PC or a Mobile

• Receive alerts / emails on real time status

• Adhere to fleets maintenance schedule