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G-trac Ambulance Tracking System

Ambulances are probably one of the most essential vehicles people rely on in times of need.

GPS tracking systems are definitely one of the most functional upgrades many ambulances across the globe have used to better modernize ambulances.

Optimum dispatching of appropriate ambulances ensures prompt Emergency Medical Services and allows for timely patient transport.

G-trac can be installed in the ambulances of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) provider along with keypad integration to monitor all important events like when the ambulance has started, reached the incident location, time of arrival to hospital and much more.

What differentiates G-Trac from others is it facilitates primary treatment delivery even when patient is in the ambulance. Following the hospital’s advice, the ambulance crew can impart primary care or re-route the ambulance to the nearest hospital with specialists available.

Having access to the patient data, the hospital is ready to deliver the right care, as the patient is brought in.

G-Trac’s Ambulance Tracking System offers the emergency response crew to accurately monitor the location of their emergency vehicles helping them to save precious time in an emergency by directing the closest vehicle to the incident.

Solution Offerings:

• Find the nearest ambulance to a patient’s location

• Locate the nearest hospital from the ambulance

• Cut response times in the “Golden Hours”

• Accurately verify patient transport times & mileage

• Effectively verify driver / ambulance locations

• Re-route the ambulance to the nearest hospital

• Monitor siren & light activations

• Optimize routes to patient locations

• Monitor non-emergency speeding to improve driver safety

• Ensure drivers are at assigned staged locations

• Keypad integration to monitor all important events