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As an epitome of trust and stable systems with more than 99% uptime, the Fleet Management Solutions company always strives to excel with world class technology and expertise and aspires to bring the largest network of state of the art hardware, software and support service.

G-Trac High Value Asset Tracking System

Vehicle and asset management is an essential part of today’s logistics, shipment, construction, maintenance and many other companies operations.

As vehicles represent large investments and are a critical part of operations, businesses need the ability to protect these assets and optimize their usage.

Protecting valuable assets is critical to helping minimize costs associated with lost or stolen assets.

G-Trac’s GPS Asset Tracking technology allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on all of your assets, no matter how large or small they are and no matter where they might be located.

G-Trac’s GPS Asset Management Solutions helps companies requiring to track high value assets like Pharmaceutical, Money, FMCG, Cargo, Oil & Gas, Generators and many more similar assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes.

Solution Offerings:

• Track the asset live on screen in real time

• Closely monitor asset movement & operating status

• Comprehensive security controls for vehicle immobilization

• Panic button to alert fleet manager during emergencies

• Delivery of goods at the right time

• Monitor driver behaviours effectively

• Manage asset maintenance schedules efficiently

• Security breach notification alerts through email or SMS

• High quality digital mapping to track real time asset location

• Intelligent reports on fleet utilization and much more