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As an epitome of trust and stable systems with more than 99% uptime, the Fleet Management Solutions company always strives to excel with world class technology and expertise and aspires to bring the largest network of state of the art hardware, software and support service.

G-Trac Fuel Tankers Tracking System

Safe and efficient operations are key to the energy industry, especially those involved with Oil & Gas exploration and production.

Health, safety and environment programs are crucial components for worker safety and uptime of facilities, plant and equipment.

G-Trac has been proven to enhance safety programs for upstream and midstream corporations across the globe.

G-Trac is specifically tailored to the needs of Oil and Gas companies including oilfield vehicles tracking and emergency call buttons.

G-Trac offers a highly customizable and robust vehicle tracking and telematics solution with best-in-class technology and safety features for the oil & gas industry.

Solution Offerings:

• Complete visibility of petroleum & oil tankers

• Real time tracking of vehicle movements

• Track vehicle’s movement between assigned locations

• Track exact time of oil distribution to gas station

• Panic button to alert fleet manager during emergencies

• Optimize and increase vehicle utilization

• Manage fleet maintenance schedules efficiently

• Monitor driver misbehaviours effectively

• Real time alerts on violations through email or SMS

• High quality digital mapping for better fleet overview

• Intelligent reports on fleet utilization and much more