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As an epitome of trust and stable systems with more than 99% uptime, the Fleet Management Solutions company always strives to excel with world class technology and expertise and aspires to bring the largest network of state of the art hardware, software and support service.


The G-trac GPS vehicle tracking system is helping thousands of fleet owners to drive down operating costs and increase earnings.

Fleet owners experience a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel savings and greatly reduced operating expenses.

The system enables fleet owners to locate and deploy their vehicles with live, real-time tracking and provides minute-by-minute route verification, enabling them to settle customer disputes, provide proof of service and ensure the fleet is not burning unnecessary fuel.

G-trac' key management reports enable business owners to verify time sheets accurately, leading to reduced overtime expenses.

Fleet owners can compare hours worked by each vehicle thereby controlling productivity and establish exactly how much time their vehicles are spending at locations such as the supply houses, customer sites, or unauthorized locations.

These reports allow for accurate validation of the cost of each site visit.

The G-trac system provides numerous reports suited to tighter control and accurate measurements of fleet activity.

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Real Time Tracking

Most of fleets require basic real time tracking to view where their assets are and the routes followed by themto reach their destination.

Fleet Management

When you have too many assets to monitor, we provide customized reporting to generate exceptions for you to monitor and act.

Driver Behavior

To enable the insurer to assess the actual risk presented by an individual driver, based on driving behaviour and driving patterns within the road context; and price that risk accordingly.

Temperature Monitoring

The live monitoring system can be configured to suit any customer SAP/CRM application. Our device will send live data to the internet and raise exceptions when the temperature falls beyond critical levels.


Our hardware devices are installed in stealth mode and have internal battery power with immobilization features to protect theft.

Allied Solutions

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